Hi loves!

I’m Brooke, a 29 year old teacher who has an addiction for Nutella and Buggles.  Next to my job as a teacher, I’m interested in food recipes, fashion and all the things that have to do with beauty.

Cooking is a real hobby of mine. I love to share food recipes and will do so once a week. Each day I try something new and most of the time it’s healthy but I can’t promise you that it will be all the time. (hah!) Don’t forget to pin my photos on your pinterest account.

I love to go shopping, but let’s be honest wich girl does not? Most of the time my style of clothes is sportive, but I love different styles of fashion. I love colours from pink to black, prints from tigerskin, to snakeskin and so much more. Take a look at my fashion page for more posts on variating outfits and you will see I like to mix it up.

The love for beauty products is one of my greatest weaknesses. I try a lot of new things to maintain a hydrating and healthy skin, to fend of aging or just trying to look good. For the beauty queens among us I would like to share with you every week a couple of products that I have tried. And maybe in the future I will make a little movie about my beauty and make up routines.

In this journey, my lovely brother will support me with my blog. He will take outfit pictures and taste my recipes if they are blog worthy.

Brooke handtekening roze

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